About Me

My name is Said. I am native of Weleri (Central Java) and I now attend school in SMA 1 KENDAL.

I am actively blogging since March 2010 and All Thing is the first blog that I use to find new news in the world are made in February 2011. My other blog is Everything-Also and Movie 42.

Said Bashay

About All Thing

All Thing contains the latest news in the world, in addition to the latest news there are also traditional medicines and some unique news.

Until now the number postingannya 26 pieces. If you've visited, several compilations following the posting easier for you to listen to content All Thing.

Day of silence bali
Macau: where China likes to spend it
The Wizard of Oz - review
Smoking may raise breast cancer risk
Great Britain women strike gold as Chris Hoy loses out to Jason Kenny

Apart from business, the All Thing is also my means of building friendships, friendship, exchange experiences, and build community with other bloggers. Therefore, if you want to communicate more information, please contact me via the Contact / Email.

Email   :  johnbashay@gmail.com
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